26 October 2020

Our Team

Juan de Portugal
Marinela Martinez
Iván Mata
Adela Delso
Marketing Manager
Julia Moreno
Fernando Perez
Senior Developer Lead
Antonio Barral
Senior Developer
Enrique Campos
Senior Developer
Alberto Martín
Senior Developer
Fran Saavedra
Senior Developer
Alejandro Borbolla
Junior Developer

About us
We are a Spanish company of software developers with more than 15 years of experience developing solutions for different markets such as the pharmaceutical, marketing and advertising industries. Our products are present in more than 10 countries around the world and translated to 5 languages.

As developers, we are constantly looking for ideas that fill market gaps and solve professional needs. We love to find the most innovative software to integrate with our products and create really advanced solutions.

Many of our most successful products have started trying to solve our current client’s needs. We consider our clients’ feedback and ideas are key for us to create truly useful tools and that is why we have complete customizable solutions to adapt to the exact needs of each market, company or client.