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Running multi screen advertising in sync is providing advertisers with new opportunities. Our client was looking for an effective and accurate way to launch second screen advertising off the back of a TV Commercial (TVC) detection. As opposed to reviewing a TVC schedule and setting up digital campaigns manually, they wanted a fully automated system.

Our client was very specific in that they wanted a solution that was self service and linked with all major TV channels. They wanted to launch second screen advertising across the most popular digital advertising channels – particularly Facebook and Google. Softpoint was tasked with creating this platform.

In order to be able to launch second screen advertising automatically, the first step was to develop a real time monitoring tool. With real time monitoring we could then launch second screen ads without any manual process. We used amazon cloud services to set up the capacity to monitor over 150 TV channels. The second step was creating the ability to identify the TVC from real time monitoring. For this we used video and audio finger printing. Using both finger printing technologies made our detections more accurate and ensured we did not miss any TVC detections.

Our client launched Path51 – A multi screen advertising platform. Since we completed this project, Path51 has worked with some of the largest brands in Australia (and the world). They have provided advertisers with greater results including better conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. Path51 continues to grow and is expected to enter new markets including the USA in 2017.

“Working with Softpoint has been a great experience. Not only have we created some cutting edge technology we have built a strong working relationship and friendship that will continue to grow in the coming years. Path51 is an amazing tool and changing the way brands advertise”

Simon Larcey – GM and Founder Path51


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